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Scott and Moriah’s goal for their herd is to produce Angus seedstock that return a profit for their customers. Their unique combination of cattle production background, live animal evaluation skills, Scott’s first-hand beef industry knowledge of grading and carcass cutability guide their breeding program direction. While many seem consumed with pursuing the latest trends either phenotypically or through singular EPD trait selection, Pohlman Cattle Company is focused on balanced selection criteria. Providing the most progressive genetics that excel in economically relevant traits such as calving ease, fertility, growth, feed efficiency, maternal ability, and carcass merit in a sound, functional, attractive, and docile package is a priority. Their commitment to their customers’ herd improvement includes investing in superior sires through the use of artificial insemination.

If a cow doesn’t breed, we cull them. If they have any structural or feet problems, we cull them. If they fail to raise calves that meet our expectations, we cull them. We also cut about twenty percent of our bulls calves, so that we can offer our customers only the best we have.

On a small scale, Scott and Moriah assisted their boys in raising competitive show heifers that they can exhibit on a local, state, and national level. Now that their boys have graduated, they continue to raise show heifer prospects that are currently offered through the "Family Values Sale" held in early September each year.

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